Basic Skills Practice (Empathy)

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Log from #Classroom on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 8:30PM EST: “Basic Skills Practice: Empathy”, hosted by JediKaren:
[20:33] <JediKaren> START CLASS
[20:33] <JediKaren> Welcome to the Empathy Practice!
[20:33] <JediKaren> Today we are practicing empathy by broadcasting/sending and recieving
[20:34] <JediKaren> I’m not going to lecture about empathy, you can read the log on that class or read an article on the site or pm after the practice
[20:34] <JediKaren> However, I will go over how to send and receive
[20:34] <JediKaren> And tell you how this will work and then we’ll start practicing
[20:35] <JediKaren> So sending:
[20:35] <JediKaren> Think of an emotion. Name it. Then feel it. You need to feel the emotion as intensitly as you can.
[20:36] <JediKaren> Then think of a nameless, faceless group of people with the correct amount matching who is playing
[20:36] <JediKaren> Think of the emotion like a wave and send the emotion out to the crowd of people.
[20:37] <JediKaren> It is highly important that you do NOT stop sending until everyone has guessed. Also pick one emotion and stick with it. Try not to feel anything else if you can help it.
[20:37] <JediKaren> I know you will get dissapointed and excited when people guress right or wrong, but focus on that one emotion
[20:38] <JediKaren> Receiving:
[20:38] <JediKaren> You need to calm your body, mind, and emotions
[20:39] <JediKaren> Take a few deep breathes. Look at the emotions you are feeling. Acknowledge them and then put them aside. You can come back to whatever emotions you have when this is over
[20:39] <JediKaren> Now with a clear mind, open it and think of the person who is sending
[20:40] <JediKaren> Try to connect with them. reach out with psi and try to feel them. Know them. Look for their emotions
[20:40] <JediKaren> Then notice what you are feeling. Your first guess is mostly right. Don’t double or triple guess yourself
[20:41] <JediKaren> And don’t worry if you don’t get the first or second try. It takes practice, thus why we are doing this
[20:41] <JediKaren> Any questions or comments?
[20:41] <DragonAtma> What about those of us that are easily distratable?
[20:42] <JediKaren> Take away all distractions that you can. No music, tv, games, online shows, windows up. put away other sites, stop pms and such
[20:43] <JediKaren> And challenge yourself to pay attention. If you can focus for longer than normal, make sure you give yourself some kind of reward. it sounds weird, but it will reinforce the idea of paying attention
[20:44] <JediKaren> I hope that helps
[20:45] <JediKaren> So are we ready?
[20:45] <Ephraim> yip
[20:45] <JediKaren> Everyone comfortable, gone to the bathroom, eaten, drank water, and ready?
[20:45] <DragonAtma> I suppose
[20:46] <JediKaren> lol ok yay!!!!
[20:46] <JediKaren> So I’ll start with sending and then someone else can send…
[20:46] * JediKaren is sending
[20:47] <Little_Dragon1> so do we pm you or answer here?
[20:48] <JediKaren> Answer here
[20:48] <Little_Dragon1> happiness/excitement
[20:48] <Ephraim> damn, cant seem to focus today :/
[20:48] <SilentEcho> happiness/contentment
[20:48] <DragonAtma> same here, ephraim
[20:49] * Ephraim grumbles about ADHD
[20:49] <SilentEcho> you may be trying to hard eph, just let it happen
[20:49] * DragonAtma ‘s mind will be too busy worrying; sorry.
[20:49] <JediKaren> Raven?
[20:50] <DragonAtma> (and those in #lobby can probably guess why Atma’s mind will be worrying…)
[20:51] <RavenFire> contemplative
[20:51] <RavenFire> (though I may be off tonight myself)
[20:51] <JediKaren> Ok
[20:52] <JediKaren> Hmmm well I was actually trying to go for the opposite of what I’ve been feeling fro the last few hours: sad. But I’ve had some exciting happy new been going on
[20:52] <JediKaren> guess my attempt to ignore the happiness didn’t work well…
[20:52] <SilentEcho> heh
[20:53] <DragonAtma> that’s how this usually works out….
[20:53] <JediKaren> Well ok who wants to send next?
[20:53] <SilentEcho> ill send
[20:53] <JediKaren> Ok go!
[20:54] <SilentEcho> sending
[20:54] <JediKaren> fear
[20:55] <Little_Dragon1> silent echo feels stressed to me
[20:56] <Little_Dragon1> the kind associated with lack of sleep
[20:56] <JediKaren> for me it’s an excited fear….if that makes sense
[20:56] <RavenFire> anger?
[20:56] <SilentEcho> eph atma?
[20:56] <DragonAtma> sorry
[20:57] <DragonAtma> my miond’s not up to it
[20:57] <Ephraim> nothing, i just cant get focused tonight
[20:57] <SilentEcho> alright
[20:57] <SilentEcho> lust
[20:57] <SilentEcho>
[20:58] <JediKaren> Ephraim try closing your eyes and think of the senders name. Let yourself enter his or her personality. Breathe slowly and don’t force it
[20:58] <SilentEcho> though ld was right, i am tired
[20:58] <SilentEcho> not enough sleep
[20:58] <Ephraim> its not that, its my ADHD
[20:59] <SilentEcho> and honestly lust is a very complex emotion
[20:59] * SilentEcho should have used something simpler
[21:00] <JediKaren> Ah and here I thought I was tired….blah
[21:00] <SilentEcho> lol
[21:00] <SilentEcho> so whose next?
[21:00] <Little_Dragon1> me
[21:00] <Little_Dragon1> sending
[21:01] <SilentEcho> woo
[21:01] <SilentEcho> lets do this
[21:03] <JediKaren> uhhh hopeful…..
[21:04] <Little_Dragon1> any other guesses?
[21:04] <SilentEcho> despair
[21:05] <Little_Dragon1> road rage
[21:06] <SilentEcho> ah
[21:08] <JediKaren> Well
[21:08] <JediKaren> everyone is kinda…not focused yes?
[21:08] <DragonAtma> so it seems.
[21:08] * SilentEcho is focused
[21:08] <RavenFire> I’m trying.
[21:09] <DragonAtma> There are tiems I can focus; this isn;t one of them.
[21:09] <JediKaren> Ok everyone take a moment and just breathe. Relax. Let your brain go blank for a sec
[21:09] <JediKaren> Try to feel psi
[21:10] * SilentEcho nods
[21:10] <JediKaren> Ok who wants to go next?
[21:11] <JediKaren> You can go twice or whatever
[21:11] <JediKaren> It’s your practice
[21:11] <SilentEcho> ill go again i guess
[21:11] <JediKaren> ok
[21:11] <SilentEcho> sending
[21:12] <Little_Dragon1> fascination mixed with mild excitement
[21:13] <JediKaren> uhh I just had to run to the door…I’m going to skip this round until I can refocus
[21:13] <RavenFire> happy/excited
[21:13] <SilentEcho> hate
[21:13] <RavenFire> well damn…I’m way off tonight
[21:13] <SilentEcho> eh, it may be me
[21:13] * RavenFire pokes her barrier she recently put up
[21:13] * SilentEcho shrugs
[21:13] <RavenFire> Might be my barrier heh
[21:13] <RavenFire> I’m not *feeling* it
[21:14] <RavenFire> Just trying to sense/see
[21:14] * RavenFire thinks her barrier is working a little too well lol
[21:15] * JediKaren is fighting exhuastion, excitement, and a million distractions
[21:15] <SilentEcho> looks like this class isnt going anywhere
[21:15] <JediKaren> Yeah I kinda noticed
[21:16] <SilentEcho> T_T was really looking forward to this one too
[21:16] <JediKaren> Something about getting the apartment I wanted, but not enough sleep is getting to me
[21:17] <RavenFire> We’re still going I thought.
[21:17] <JediKaren> We can go
[21:17] <JediKaren> Who wants to send?
[21:17] <JediKaren> Raven?
[21:18] <RavenFire> Alright, let me take this barrier down momentarily.
[21:19] <RavenFire> Wow, instant headache.
[21:19] <DragonAtma> oh dear
[21:19] <RavenFire> Didn’t realize how much that made a difference.
[21:19] <Ephraim> did i not just say to weaken it a tad, not take it down entirely?
[21:20] <RavenFire> It’s alright, I’ll put it back up.
[21:20] <RavenFire> Afterwards
[21:20] <RavenFire> Alright, sending now.
[21:20] <Little_Dragon1> sadness
[21:21] <SilentEcho> depression
[21:21] <RavenFire> Karen?
[21:21] <JediKaren> uhh looking at the emotion right now
[21:22] <JediKaren> I’m getting a strong “stream” of what feels like light, like a cool fresh breeze
[21:22] <JediKaren> Wondering what emotion is that!??!
[21:22] <Ephraim> >.<
[21:22] <JediKaren> hyperness?
[21:23] <SilentEcho> bouncing!
[21:23] <JediKaren> Yeah
[21:23] <JediKaren> Really happy
[21:23] <RavenFire> You picked up on the initial ones I sent out, but yeah, then I settled on depression/sadness.
[21:23] <RavenFire> So LD and Silent got it.
[21:23] <JediKaren> lol you and me have the same problem…lol
[21:23] <RavenFire> Karen, you got my intial one I sent out
[21:24] <Ephraim> now put that barrier back up!
[21:24] <RavenFire> Yeah, once I settle on an emotion, I can broadcast it like a bitch
[21:24] <RavenFire> lol Eph
[21:24] <RavenFire> I will in a bit!
[21:24] <JediKaren> Usally I’m not this bad
[21:24] <JediKaren> ugh sleep: important for energy work
[21:24] <RavenFire> Karen, you aren’t bad, that’s what I initially put out
[21:25] <Little_Dragon1> it’s ok, my sensing had an off day today as well.
[21:25] * SilentEcho shoos karen to bed
[21:25] <SilentEcho> GO NAO
[21:25] <SilentEcho> BED
[21:25] <SilentEcho> SLEEP
[21:25] <SilentEcho> NAPPY
[21:25] <JediKaren> Well I’m a nature with my brain not focusing at all tonigght….
[21:25] <JediKaren> lol
[21:25] <RavenFire> It was first the coolness, then the happy/hyper, then I settled on depression/sadness and broadcast that one
[21:25] <SilentEcho> then go to bed -_- youre running on fumes
[21:25] <JediKaren> Jedi mind tricks don’t work on Jedi
[21:25] <RavenFire> lol
[21:25] <DragonAtma> sure they do! Just be a stronger jedi.
[21:26] <JediKaren> Unless you have real experience with tps
[21:26] * RavenFire is radiating and generating a lot of heat atm
[21:26] <SilentEcho> seriously though karen, go to sleep
[21:26] <SilentEcho> you seriously need it
[21:27] <SilentEcho> seriously
[21:27] <JediKaren> I have to wait until I can get my friend back home
[21:27] <JediKaren> And I can at least help you all stay focused….
[21:27] * SilentEcho glares
[21:28] <JediKaren> I have to drive him home!
[21:28] <DragonAtma> I suppose I can try sending if you want…
[21:28] <RavenFire> Alright, didn’t realize how strongly I’m generating atm. Putting the barrier back up guys.
[21:30] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[21:30] <DragonAtma> it genberally needs to be pointed out by someone else
[21:30] <RavenFire> Alright, that better?
[21:31] * DragonAtma was emitting a HUGE amount of energy when Atma first visited a psionics IRC channel; since then, Atma took methods to stop that form happening
[21:32] <Carl> sorry about not being here guys
[21:32] <Carl> I had to move stuff
[21:33] <RavenFire> Everyone should feel me a lot less now.
[21:33] * SilentEcho wasnt feeling anything
[21:34] * RavenFire nods
[21:34] <RavenFire> A few were
[21:34] * DragonAtma is somewhat distracted, so Atma did not feel anything.
[21:35] <RavenFire> So anyone going to send next?
[21:35] <SilentEcho> crap, dinner is ready
[21:35] <SilentEcho> bbl guys
[21:35] <DragonAtma> okay
[21:35] <RavenFire> Alrighty, laters Silent
[21:35] <DragonAtma> I will, I guess
[21:36] <DragonAtma> ready?
[21:36] <RavenFire> Sure, not sure what I can feel through the barrier, but we’ll give it a go.
[21:36] <RavenFire> Go ahead.
[21:36] <DragonAtma> okay
[21:36] <DragonAtma> sending…. now.
[21:37] <Little_Dragon1> joy
[21:38] <RavenFire> Only colors come to mind.
[21:38] <DragonAtma> hmm…..
[21:38] <DragonAtma> hold on, let me try halving my cloaking…
[21:38] <DragonAtma> okay
[21:38] * RavenFire only sensed blue, yellow and orange
[21:38] <DragonAtma> sending….
[21:38] <RavenFire> hmm
[21:39] <Little_Dragon1> contentment
[21:39] <DragonAtma> hmm…
[21:39] <DragonAtma> okay
[21:40] <DragonAtma> damnit caps lock
[21:40] <DragonAtma> okay, sending
[21:40] <Little_Dragon1> suspicion?
[21:41] <DragonAtma> blah
[21:41] * DragonAtma tried sending anger; apparently it didn’t work
[21:41] <DragonAtma> then again, I’ve never been good at commiunicating
[21:41] <Carl> -+
[21:41] <DragonAtma> barriuers and cloaking back up.
[21:41] <Carl> i AM probably fucking you gusy u
[21:41] <Carl> p
[21:41] <Carl> hurr
[21:41] <RavenFire> When I tried again, I saw dark, which someone could construe as negative
[21:41] <Carl> guys*
[21:44] <RavenFire> So we’re just sending one by one and seeing if we can guess the emotion.
[21:45] <OrangeKookaduke> oh got’cha, did you already have the lecture part, or just mixing things together?
[21:45] <RavenFire> Karen talked a little, now we’re practicing.
[21:46] <OrangeKookaduke> alright cool
[21:48] <RavenFire> Ok who is next?
[21:49] <RavenFire> Atma, LD, Carl, Eph?
[21:49] <DragonAtma> I’ll pass
[21:49] <RavenFire> Okies
[21:49] <RavenFire> Sitting out for a bit?
[21:49] <Ephraim> i’ll give it a go
[21:50] <DragonAtma> raven: mmhmm
[21:50] <RavenFire> Ok, Orange, how about you send?
[21:50] <Ephraim> and go!
[21:50] * Ephraim sends
[21:50] <RavenFire> Oh Eph is sending
[21:50] <RavenFire> lol
[21:50] <RavenFire> Ok so Orange and I will try to guess
[21:50] <OrangeKookaduke> i wasn gonna say something but he beat me
[21:51] <RavenFire> well, it feels like annoyance lol
[21:51] <RavenFire> But I think that’s frontloading based on your text
[21:51] <RavenFire>
[21:52] <Ephraim> nope, i think you’ve empathy lag
[21:52] <RavenFire> lol maybe
[21:52] <RavenFire> Alright, lemme see
[21:52] <OrangeKookaduke> i was gonna say anger maybe anxiety or envy? couldn’t really pin it down haha
[21:53] <RavenFire> yeah was gonna say anger
[21:54] <Ephraim> well i’d make a horrible Vulcan then
[21:54] <Ephraim> i was trying to send a lack of emotion
[21:54] <Ephraim>
[21:55] <OrangeKookaduke> perhaps you were! i’m no level 13 wizard so i could be off
[21:56] <RavenFire> lol
[21:58] <RavenFire> Orange, want to go?
[21:59] <OrangeKookaduke> mmm sure, ready now!
[22:00] <RavenFire> Ok, go
[22:00] <OrangeKookaduke> for me to read or send?
[22:01] <RavenFire> Send
[22:01] <OrangeKookaduke> okay, i am
[22:03] <JediKaren> Hey guys, going off now
[22:03] <RavenFire> hmm
[22:04] <OrangeKookaduke> Later Karen
[22:04] <RavenFire> Aye, ok Karen *hugs tight* Thanks for the practice tonight

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